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Est. 2018

“Helping improve the lives of children suffering from extreme poverty, disease and addiction around the world.” ™

Making a Global Impact

Whizzkids United, Ghana 2019

The Africaid Trust's WhizzKids United uses football as an educational tool to engage local youth and facilitate healthy behavior change. WhizzKids delivers effective HIV prevention, care, treatment and support to youth worldwide.

Carlos and Yrma Guerra of McAllen connected to Whizzkids United in 2012. Since then, the WKU Carlos Guerra Academy has been established in Carlos’ name and provides several after school programs to encourage Ghana’s youth to continue pursuing their education. Sharing the same passion as her parents, Ylianna along with her husband Michael Dadashi plan to continue the legacy of family’s work with WKU through the Heart Water Foundation.

“Hope for Kids Mission”

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2018