Founders, Michael and Ylianna Dadashi

Founders, Michael and Ylianna Dadashi

Our Mission

The mission of Heart Water is to nourish the mind, body, and soul of people around the world.

Our goal is to quench the universal thirst for love and connection,

making this world a more mindful place.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a purpose.

Let’s pour our hearts out and ignite a ripple effect

of authenticity and empathy for all people everywhere.



Heart Water provides a judgment-free platform where sharing stories of suffering creates dialogue and touches hearts. This focus on authenticity creates connections that have and actual, not virtual, value. 


Emboldened by the stories of others, users can feel that Heart Water is a safe haven for sharing personal stories -- a true springboard for corners turned, crisis averted and a reset to the cynicism and skepticism we all face. By mitigating the fear and shame of sharing our true selves, we'll create a groundswell of turnarounds. When you see someone else bearing their truths--your same wrenching story-- you see that you are not alone. One person's vulnerability may be the key to unlocking your pain and beginning the recovery process.


Heart Water is bringing back humility. The raw, inspirational platform gives one pause and perspective; a pivot needed to go from darkness to light. Heart Water has a limitless well of humility and facilitates the vulnerability - and hope - of everyone who is recovering or has recovered from something.